Kwikset Smartkey Locks easy to break in

The word is out Millions of Kwikset Smartkey Locks are Vulnerable to Hacking.

This is nothing new to a experienced locksmith we have known this for years but now more and more media coverage is now finding all the same results that the Kwikset Smart Key lock can easily be hacked ( broke into ) with only simple hand tools.

One of the largest lock manufacturers Kwikset has been pushing their Smart Key locks as a great secure lock that is rated as a hard to break into lock. The mass marketing they have done on the Smart Key locks has resulted in millions of home owners and contractors running out and buying this lock and installing it on their home doors thinking they have better security for their home to keep out criminals.

The fact is this lock branded as the Smart Key lock is one of the most easiest locks for a criminal to break into your home. Using simple tools this lock can be broke into or hacked open with in seconds by just about anyone wanting to get into your home or business. The Kwikset Smart Key lock is sold in many formats including door handles, Dead Bolts and Electric key pads and they all feature this same lock core that can be defeated and opened in seconds making this lock the most over rated lock sold today giving home and business owners a false sense of security.

As a locksmith we would never recommend this lock to anyone after years of opening this kind of lock when a customer has lost their keys or locked them in the house that has become one of the most easy locks for us to get into because it is not a safe and secure lock as advertised by Kwikset.

Here are some links so you can read for your self and see videos showing how easy the Smart Key lock is to hack open. If you have a Smart Key lock on your door now should you be worried ??? A BIG YES videos like this have been posted on YouTube for years showing criminals how to break into this lock and they know what to look for on the lock and can tell right away if your house is going to be easy to get into.

If you have Kwikset or another brand of Smart Key lock on your doors call us and let us show you want a real quality lock looks like and how much better it works making your home have much better security.  Don’t be the next victim of the Smart Key  lock being hacked open and your home being robbed.

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